About us | Voiceovers and audio

For over 15 years we have been developing and growing our talent bank of Australian and international voice over artists to meet and exceed the changing landscape of voice requirements for all channels in today's media and marketing world.

Over the years, our process has evolved from being a straight voice-over production company to now a fully integrated software platform, offering voice, production, sound, music, sound effects and final mixes with multiple voices. 

Every day we find that time is everyone’s enemy. So we've found ways to increase our turnaround speed to deliver industry and world's "Best Practice" commercials quickly and efficiently. All within 24 hours.

With our amazing team, we have streamlined our process and engagement levels to where we are today, and this is to create an environment and system that makes high-quality radio commercials professionally on a daily basis.

(Add sound effects here… loud crowd clapping) 

To my loyal team of writers, producers and amazing voice over talents, my thanks. The way you go about  ‘surprising and delighting‘ our clients each and every day never ceases to amaze me, and our clients! If you would like to speak to me directly, simply click here

   Darryl Durrant | CEO 

Voice Overs